Saturday, 17 October 2015

Our Everlasting Song!

Our Everlasting Song! 
The following is from Spurgeon's sermon, "CHRIST—PERFECT THROUGH SUFFERINGS"

In Christ's Soul there was an exceeding heaviness even unto death, and an agony which no tongue can tell, for we have found no words in which to speak of it. We believe that this agony was commensurate with the agonies of the lost in hell- not the same agony, but an equivalent for it; and remember, not the equivalent for the agony of one, but an Equivalent for the Hells of All That Innumerable Host Whose Sins He Bore, Condensed into One Black Draught to Be Drained in A Few Hours.
The miseries of an eternity without an end, miseries caused by a God infinitely angry because of an awful rebellion, and these miseries multiplied by the millions for whom the man Christ Jesus stood as covenant head. What a draught was that, men and brethren! Well might it stagger even him!

And yet he drained that cup, drained it to its utmost dregs not a drop was left. For you, my soul, no flames of hell; for Christ the Paschal-lamb has been roasted in that fire! For you, my soul, no torments of the damned, for Christ has been condemned in your stead! For you, my spirit, no desertion of your God, for He was forsaken of God for you! It is done, it is finished, and by your sufferings, Jesus, you have become perfect as the expiation of your people's sins.

Do, my brethren, remember that your sins are perfectly expiated. Do not let them trouble you as to punishment; the punishment is gone. Sins cannot lie in two places at one time- they were put on Christ, and they cannot be on you. In fact, your sins are not to be found- the scapegoat has gone, and your sins will never be found again. Your sins, if they were searched for, could not be discovered. Not even by the piercing eye of God can a single blemish be found in you!

Oh! how we will sing, how we will chant his praise when we get to heaven! This shall be the highest note- that we owe ALL to that bright one, that Lamb in the midst of the throne. We will tell it over, and over, and over again, and find it an inexhaustible theme for melodious joy and song that He became man, that He sweat great drops of blood, that He died, that He rose again.

While the angels are singing "Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" we will bid them stop the song a moment, while we say, "He whom you thus adore was once covered with bloody sweat." As we cast our crowns at his feet, we will say, "And He was once despised and rejected of men." Lifting up our eyes and saluting Him as God over all, blessed for ever, we will remember the reed, the sponge, the vinegar, and the nails; and as we come to Him and have fellowship with him, and He shall lead us beside the living fountains of water, we will remember the black brook of Kedron of which he drank, and the awful depths of the grave into which He descended.

Amid all the splendors of heaven, we shall never forget His agony, and misery. And  when we sing the loudest sonnets of God's love, and power, and grace, we will sing this after all, and before all, and above all- that Jesus the Son of God died for US, and this shall be Our Everlasting Song — "He loved us and gave himself for us, and we have washed our robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb!"

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