Sunday, 7 February 2016

There is more breadth than depth!

There is more breadth than depth!
(George Everard, "Strong & Free! A Book for Young Men" 1882)

In the present day Christianity, there is more breadth than depth.

There is more profession of the truth — but less eminence in holiness.

Let not this be so with you. Be zealous to excel. Do not be content with a commonplace standard of Christian living. Press on to high attainments. Yield up your heart fully to Christ, and ask Him to fill every niche and cranny with Himself! Let every chamber of your heart be replenished from His own bounteous grace.

Let it ever be remembered, that from first to last your peace, your strength, your hope lies in a simple, whole-hearted dependence upon Christ alone. Think of Him at all times...
  as your High Priest and Intercessor before the throne,
  as your Leader and Captain in the warfare you have to wage,
  as your Righteousness and your Robe under the remembrance of sin,
  and as your Eternal Refuge and Portion amidst the various changes of this mortal life.

Be content with no half measures — be thorough and whole-hearted. Take the lowest place and cast yourself in deepest humiliation at Christ's feet. Then trust Him utterly. Believe that He will undertake all that concerns you. On your knees give yourself to Him to be His altogether and forever. Let there be no more reserve, no more delay, no more uncertainty. "Burn the bridge behind you!"

Life is short.
Eternity is near.
The soul is unspeakably precious.
Christ is All-mighty, All-merciful, All-faithful, All-sufficient!

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