Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Appointment of church officers

Appointment of church officers 'We give thanks to God for the appointment to the office of elder, of Mr Brian Jones and Mr Howell Green and to the office of deacon of Mr Malcolm Coulson. The elders were nominated late spring (2014) and unanimously elected in the summer, the church perceiving that The Lord had duly equipped them for this work. Mr Jones comes from Swansea and is married with two grown up children, one of which, is a member in the church . Mr Green comes from Neath and is married also with two grown up children. He has a hymn included in the hymn book Christian Worship. Mr Coulson was also unanimously elected to office in the Autumn. He lives in Cilffriw, near Neath with his wife. He has three grown up children one of which is a member of the church. We acknowledge The Lord's Hand in this provision and call upon The Lord's people to uphold them in prayer. SERC Officers From left to right - Mr Howell Green (Elder), Rev Neil Pfeiffer (Minister), Mr Brian Jones (Elder), Mr Malcolm Coulson (Deacon)

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