Sunday, 22 February 2015

New Christian Worship Hymn Book

We give thanks to The lord for all that has been achieved by the Christian Worship, Publishing Trust. God called this committee together 10 years ago for the express purpose of producing a hymn book that would seek to preserve reverential, reformed and traditional worship in the church. Dismayed by the concessions to new style charismatic worship in the New Christian Hymns Hymn book the committee set to their task to revise the old Christian Hymns in the right direction. The result is over 1,000 traditional hymns and a complete psalter available for churches to sing. The tenth anniversary also coincides with the reprint which substantially reduces the book making it streamlined and easier to handle. The Trust also organise a conference in Birmingham in March and camps in the summer.

From left to right - Pastors John Thackway, Roland Burrows, Dewi Higham, Vernon Higham, Neil Pfeiffer, Stephen Ford and David Kay.

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